Authorized & Qualified Virtual Summit

February 1 – 3, 2021

The virtual summit is for women who are tired of hiding in the shadows, dimming their light and not being recognized. This event brought to you by renowned conference host, writer and strategist Belinda Enoma will help build your confidence, show you how to intentionally and fearlessly launch your brand and projects.

Do you want to walk into a room with confidence and grab a seat at the table because you belong there?

Ever looked at other women making things happen, posting transformative messages online, scaling businesses, breaking glass ceilings, writing blogs, publishing books, speaking at events, launching and operating businesses, who are just doing their thing with boldness and said, ‘I want to be like that…I wish I could do that..!”

Be the curse breaker, trailblazer and shatter that glass ceiling. It’s your time to reclaim you.

FACT 1: Authorized & Qualified Summit

is the gathering for women that you have been waiting for! You want to operate with purpose, boldness and confidence. You want to build and create your own project, start and operate successful businesses. You want to kick fear from your path. You want to finally be you.

FACT 2: You Are Bone-Tired
You have been hiding in the shadows, being other people’s best kept secret, not being recognized and dimming your light. It seems like time stood still and you think you can’t achieve your goals. You want to make a difference in your community.

What will you learn at the summit?

  • You will discover that you are not alone in your struggles, that you can rise up and bounce back from that situation life has dealt you.
  • It will help you walk boldly without feeling unqualified and be empowered to stop dimming your light and boldly shine.
  • You will learn to fearlessly launch your project without giving up.
  • You will learn to turn bad experience into destiny opportunities and uncover possibilities you did not think existed.

 Watch and listen to speaker presentations (pre-recorded) at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. There are two ways to enjoy this summit.


Featured Talks & Speakers

Uzoma Obidike
Uzoma Obidike

Certified Career Advisor & Educator

How to Successfully Make a Career Transition This Year
Laura Dennis
Laura Dennis

Almost Empty Nest

How to Build Generational Wealth (It’s not too late and lessons from my rich dad)
Dr. Evelyn Okpanachi 🇬🇧
Dr. Evelyn Okpanachi 🇬🇧

Entrepreneur, The Perfect Package Company, England

How to Collaborate for Success
Want to Speak at this Summit or at a Future Conference?
Samantha Radford, PhD
Samantha Radford, PhD

Evidence-Based Mommy

How to use your gifts to impact others as a work from home mom of preschoolers

Jennifer Foxworthy
Jennifer Foxworthy

US Navy (Retired), Founder & CEO Inspirationally Speaking, LLC

How to Have A Get F.I.T (Focused Intentional and Thriving) Mindset

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Victoria Martinez Azaro 🇳🇿
Victoria Martinez Azaro 🇳🇿

La Creative Mama, New Zealand

How to Unleash Your Creativity to Impact Your World
Lashelle Bolton
Lashelle Bolton

Glory Not Guilt Inc.

How to Break Negative Thinking and Release Next Level Behaviors
Pauline Adeleke
Pauline Adeleke

68 Year Old Fitness Guru and Trainer, Ageless Fitness Lifestyle

What I learned about the importance of exercise as we age
Miki Collier
Miki Collier

Mindset Coach, The Birthing Room

How to Overcome Being Stuck and Stand in Your Power 

Erica Brooks
Erica Brooks

I Know My Value LLC

5 Essential Keys to Start A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Belinda and I help women start, implement, launch projects fearlessly, intentionally and confidently. I have been hosting life-transforming conferences for many years including the global iEmancipateMe Conference in London, New York, Dallas, Annapolis and more.

I am excited about you and the marvelous transformation that’s about to happen in your life.

I want to help you win by showing you that you can walk into any room with confidence and really impact this generation.

I know what it is to juggle life, career, motherhood, business, ministry and everything else. I enjoy helping women tap into their brilliance zones and activate life goals.

In my session, I will talk about goals, how to strategically position yourself for business deals, career opportunities and partnerships. Don’t think for one minute that you aren’t authorized or qualified to make things happen. Let’s do this!

Belinda Enoma 

Strategist and Lifestyle Coach 

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Should Know About The Summit

What is Authorized and Qualified Summit?

Authorized and Qualified Summit is for women who are tired of hiding in the shadows, not being recognized and dimming their light. Many women are afraid to launch or even go big with their dreams because they do not think that they are “qualified” to proceed or even “authorized” to take action. You have stalled, halted and frozen your purpose for too long. We are so glad that you are here!

This event will help you build your confidence, and show you how to intentionally and fearlessly launch your brand and projects. It will shift your mindset to understand that from creation you were already “authorized and qualified” to make things happen. What are those things? Sign up for the awesome speaker topics that will help you get things moving this year.

What is the All Access Pass?

The All Access Pass gives you an extended duration (60 days) to digest and understand the content, write down strategies the speakers give and apply them.

Can you share the access links with your friends?

No, BUT you can share the summit info with them and encourage them to sign up. Spreading the word is awesome but invite your friend to register for a personalized experience.

Is this live or can I watch it anytime?

No, it’s not live. The speaker sessions are pre-recorded and you can watch them anytime within your registration plan (for 60 days if you get the All Access Pass).

Access to Sessions

With free registration, each day, you will have 24-hour online access to pre-recorded sessions of about 15-20 minutes each from our amazing speakers who have walked paths that you are about to embark on. Listen to life lessons, strategies and stories for your career, life, business or ministry.

We encourage you to sign up for the All Access Pass for $47 with unlimited access to the presentations / teachings for 60 days.

How do you watch the videos?

Each day starting at 7am EST, you will receive 24-hour access to the videos via your email. To watch the videos for an extended period, we encourage you to sign up for the All Access Pass.

What’s included in the free registration?

24-hour access to summit videos from speakers to help you achieve greater heights in your career, business, ministry and next level projects. You will also be able to read about all the speakers, follow them on social media and see how they can help you further. Remember, this summit is about impact. It isn’t just another summit. We want you to really grab the info, activate and implement your goals. When you win, we win.